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The Pioneer Settlement General Store

At the Settlement we sell some of our own products like 100% pure cane syrup made right on our grounds, to the sweetest Tupelo honey.

Our General Store also sells many handcrafted arts from local and regional artisans, including quilts, embroidery and other needlework, blacksmithing decorations, come in and see all the goodies.

Soon our products will be displayed in an online store. Until then you can contact us to order by mail or phone. Or, stop by and see us to purchase these or many of the other unique items in our General Store.

New! W.S. Duck Knives:

Duck Knife, small, medium, and large
Knife Price Tax Total With Sheath
(tax included)
Small (7.5 inches) $39.95 $3.00 $42.95 $53.70
Medium (8.5 inches) $59.95 $4.50 $64.45 $77.35
Large (10.5 inches) $74.95 $5.63 $80,58 $96.71
Set (all 3 knives) $134.90 $10.13 $145.03 $174.06

Our hand crafted W.S. Duck Knife is uniquely shaped like a ducks head with a cutting edge on either side of the ducks bill for easy cutting in both directions. The blade is made of 440-C Stainless, the handles are made of Micarta with Mosaic pins. They come in three different lengths. To order, contact us.

Some of our other products:

Preserving our Heritage Book
Preserving our Heritage Book
Survival Book
Calhoun County Survival Book
Tupelo Honey
1 pint $7.50*, 1 quart $15.00*, ½ gallon $30.00*, 1 gallon $60.00*. We will even fill your own container while you wait
Papa's Best Pure Cane Syrup - 12 oz Syrup $4.00* (glass bottle)
24 oz Syrup is $7.50* (glass bottle)
You will find many handmade items that make excellent gifts.
Cook Book
Pioneer Cookbook, $19.95*
Hand Made Bonnets
Prices start at $9.95* for these handmade Bonnets.
Pioneer Cook Book
Children's toys - Prices start at $4.95* for these toys.
Hand made walking sticks
Hand made walking sticks start at $29.95*.

Please be sure to include shipping and handling charges. Contact us to order and obtain the total costs.

* Prices subject to change. The price posted in the store is the actual price. Please feel free to contact us for price verification.